Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Chrysalis

for Kristian

At first glance, it hadn't been all that impressive—
     Smallish, unassuming.
     But, on closer examination, it was elegantly spun.
Flaxen threads of faith, sorrow, joy.
     Loneliness, trust, fear.
     Failure and love, meticulously woven together;
     Each strand stretching purposefully across the next.

There were things that had to be kept in.
     Things to be kept out.
She had entered somewhat reluctantly,
     Terrified of losing herself.
     The very notion now laughable.

Once bright, taught, supple—
     Now warm, relaxed, textured.
Once smart, determined, hopeful—
     Now rich, measured, sage.
Once ready, independent, hungry—
     Now contented, connected, satisfied.
Once beautiful, talented, exciting—
     Now whole.